As a leader in furthering the prosperity of Michigan City businesses, the Economic Development Corporation Michigan City, Indiana often touts the positive quality of life our area brings to employees and their families. Like most cites, Michigan City boasts benefits for employees. But it is our unique location and resources that truly make our city shine.

For new and current businesses alike, locating an office or company in Michigan City means employers reap the benefits of being situated in Indiana. This may seem pretty obvious, of course, but Indiana has been very business-friendly over the past five to 10 years. Our state leaders are ready to bring in more business and have done a great job in marketing businesses already in place.

In addition, the cost of doing business in Indiana — and Michigan City in particular — is a lot lower than other places in the country. One example of this fact is our state’s low corporate tax rates and portions of Michigan City serving as an Enterprise Zone. The Enterprise Zone program in Indiana stimulates local community and business redevelopment, leading to tax benefits for most. This specifically benefits the skilled labor field, especially in the manufacturing sector of the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region.

Location, location, location continues to be a factor for our area. Michigan City’s close proximity to the Chicago region (just 55 miles east) and Michigan state line (only 10 miles southwest) allow our area to diversity. Michigan City is in the heart of the crossroads of America, allowing us transportation resources of rail, road, air and water. In addition, countless educational institutions are within reach, (Ivy Tech, Purdue North Central and LaPorte Co. Career & Technical center) furthering regional workforce development through training opportunities. A talented workforce MAKES business happen, and fuels it forward. It really is the best of both worlds — living within a major metropolitan area privy to lower costs of living.

Finally, I couldn’t discuss quality of life in Michigan City without mentioning her unique natural resources. From the beauty of Lake Michigan to the splendor of the sand dunes, these features often get overlooked and underappreciated. Natural resources create enjoyment for those living here as well as a diversified economy, especially one prime for a strong retail environment.

Businesses in our town should proudly boast the “Made in Michigan City” stamp of approval. With lower costs, prime location and the kind of natural resources that make you feel like you’re on a beach vacation at times — Michigan City has the potential not only to lure in new business, but retain it contently. Quality of life is vital to our economic development. After all, a happy employee equates to a productive employee.

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