Historic Zorn Brewing Co to be restored into micro-brewery

Michigan City, IN – Zorn Holdings LLC, will receive monies from the Michigan City Revolving Fund to restore the historic Zorn Brewing Company manufacturing facility as the loan request was approved by the City of Michigan City Board of Works Monday morning. The property, located on 9th and York Streets in Michigan City, will be converted into a modern day micro-brewery, with future plans that includes a 44 suite boutique hotel nearby. The building will be used to house the production and distribution of the beer made by Zorn Holdings LLC.

The loan, for the amount of $260,000, was approved by the Michigan City Revolving Loan Committee and will be used for equipment for the brewery and working capital in the restoration of the Zorn Brewing Building.

John Van Prooyen, Owner of Zorn Holdings LLC said, “I am excited that this project is moving forward. The Michigan City revolving loan was significant in our decision to invest in Michigan City. I am thankful to the City of Michigan City for its continued support and commitment to both the project and the Elston Grove neighborhood.”
Mayor Ron Meer said, “Michigan City will continue its commitment to assisting growth of local businesses in Michigan City. The revolving loan fund is a wonderful tool the city has and we hope to see many more businesses seeking to invest in Michigan City by taking advantage of this valuable financial resource.”

The Michigan City Revolving Loan Fund (MCRLF) was established in 2010 with the purpose of stabilizing and expanding the employment base and economy of Michigan City through and attraction of primary employment. In March of 2015, the EDCMC partnered with the Regional Development Company Valparaiso (RDC). The RDC, via the partnership, is the administrator over the MCRLF and works in conjunction with the EDCMC and the City of Michigan City to review and process the MCRLF.

Michigan City will benefit from the additional employment of 25 new jobs being made available when the project is completed.

EDCMC Chairman and MCRLF committee member, Joie Winski, LaPorte County Auditor said, “Michigan City, Indiana is setting the bar in its work of promoting business investment in our community. The EDCMC is thrilled to see the revolving loan fund’s success and is excited for what is on the horizon in the business community.”

Local companies looking to questions about the Michigan City Revolving Loan Fund, please visit: rdc504.org or call (219) 476-0405.