100 acres near Michigan City airport available to businesses

Michigan City, Ind. – Approximately 100 acres of land in Northwestern La Porte County is now available for continued economic development.

Michigan City-based company Tonn and Blank Construction purchased the acreage, located just south of the Michigan City Municipal Airport, in late December 2012. Economic Development Corporation Michigan City, Indiana — along with the City of Michigan City — coordinated the sale.

The land, now an agriculture site, was previously owned by private individuals as a family compound.

The acreage runs along U.S. 212 nestled close to U.S. highways 35 and 20 as well as Interstate 94. Due to its proximity to regional roadways, the land is most suited for manufacturing buyers including large distribution/warehouse/logistics businesses. Air transportation is conveniently located across the street with access to the South Shore, or NICTD, railroad.

Tonn and Blank Construction President and CEO, Jon Gilmore, described the property as “shovel-ready.”

“It’s all about the location,” Gilmore said. “There really is no other premium land for sale for manufacturing, logistical-type businesses in the Michigan City area right now.”

There are additional sites available for retail, commercial, hotel/motel and office space. Potential uses also include residential such as assisted living development. All ideas are currently in the concept phase with developers Tonn and Blank and the Economic Development Corporation Michigan City, Indiana (EDCMC) working together.

EDCMC Executive Director Kevin Kieft said, “This land purchase is big news for Michigan City as it opens up the area for future development, and it has taken quite a while to get to this point. I’d like to personally thank all the hard-working people involved that helped make this happen.”

This land purchase is a direct result of a special task force committee created by the EDCMC several years ago to target potential sites in the area available for further improvement.

“In the past, we might have had to turn prospective companies away from growth and expansion because we just weren’t ready with available land,” Kieft said. “But now, we can use this acreage to market our city as a place for employers to turn their dreams into realities.”

Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer said, “As the Mayor, I believe it is paramount that our goal is to make Michigan City, and in this particular case, this property, attractive and ‘user ready’ for potential investors and developers. The city engaged in a friendly annexation of this property and then supplied the area with water and sewer infrastructure. With its ideal location and proximity to rail spur, I-94 and I-90, I believe this property provides an excellent opportunity for a logistics style business or investor to utilize and develop. Ultimately, everything we have done here is the foundation on which economic and job growth can be built.”

The land is already cleared of woodlands with infrastructure for water and sewer already in place. In addition, next steps for development include construction of an entrance roadway to ensure safe traffic flow along U.S. 20.

“Selling customers this land to build their facilities brings jobs to the county, the tax structure of La Porte County is attractive to businesses and with the location of this property — it’s ideal,” Gilmore said.

Kieft added, “There’s nothing that is going to hold interested businesses back. We couldn’t be happier that a quality development team has purchased it.”

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