The Economic Development Corporation Michigan City, Indiana (EDCMC) and the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) would like to express their support for the recent growth in Michigan City. The City has seen improvements made to public infrastructure, beautification, and investments made privately. Over a billion dollars’ worth of investments have been made both privately and publically over the last five years. Examples include the new Silver Birch facility, the Ameriplex Marquette project which includes a new car dealership, the North Point Pavilion, street improvement projects, and several new retail locations. Economic Development and the Chamber are both driven by missions to create a positive business environment for existing and new companies in the city. It is through partnerships with local and regional resource organizations, each other, and the city that both the MCCC and the EDCMC help foster a strong environment for growth.

Recent conversations that have taken place in open forums may lead others to believe that Michigan City is not ‘Open for Business’. Negative and destructive comments from constituents about city practices or policies should not be indicative of how business is conducted in our City. While all growth and change can come with challenges, the EDCMC and MCCC believe in open dialogue to discuss concerns of businesses and residents to resolve any issues. Economic investment and employment growth is created through dynamic public private partnerships that enhance the quality of life and economic prosperity for all residents. Both organizations meet with existing business and potential business to help them with any needs they have. Michigan City is “Open for Business” and at the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation we are confident that any company will find the ease of doing business here a comfort. The Michigan City Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation Michigan City are available for discussions about how we can assist your business. Please feel free to call us today.